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One of the questions I'm often asked after drafting an Operation Manual for a drone operator is: "So, what do I do now?!" I had the same question as you did at that time...

Should I just print it out and take it on every mission? Or should I rather submit it to the DGAC (French Civil Aviation Authority) via the Alphatango portal (but how do I do that?!)? Or should I submit it to my insurer who keeps insisting that I need this document to validate my drone insurance contract...

In this article, let's see the steps to follow once you've purchased your Operation

What is the Operation Manual?

The Operation Manual is simply a written transcription of your drone operation and the current aviation regulations, nothing more, nothing less.

It is mandatory for being a drone operator in France and operating under scenarios S1/S2/S3, but also for operating under the new European scenarios. (One more thing: you can have both and operate in the scenarios you choose!)

Who should I provide my Operation Manual to?

Should I provide my Operation Manual to the DGAC via the Alphatango portal?

The answer is; NO. After your drafting, or if you had it drafted by our experts, you no longer need to enter your Operation Manual edition number on the Alphatango portal (since 2024).

Keep in mind that if you are inspected, you will still need to produce it promptly (For an unannounced inspection by the DSAC, it's within 1 month).

Should I provide my Operation Manual to my clients?

To ensure transparency in the operations you will conduct for your clients, I advise you to do so; it remains a powerful mark of professionalism, which also allows you to block the path to your future competitors ;p. How to do it? Use preparation tools like Clearance (use the PROMO code we managed to obtain for you to subscribe: AMBITION25) which prepares the file for you!

Should I provide my Operation Manual to my remote pilots?

It is absolutely essential to make the Operation Manual accessible to all personnel involved in your drone operations, including remote pilots, observers, and maintenance or training personnel, for example. They should preferably print it out and have it digitally accessible online (on their smartphone, for example). Imagine losing your paper version; you'll still have something to justify with ;).

Should I provide my Operation Manual to my insurance?

Often, your insurer (thinking they're doing the right thing) will ask you for some documents when you subscribe to specific liability insurance for drone use or for machine breakdown insurance. The Operation Manual may be one of them... It's not a regulatory obligation, it's a condition imposed by the management of your insurance company, which is a for-profit organization. So the answer is; Maybe.

In conclusion

For each amendment (minor modifications) or new edition (major modifications):

Save your Operation Manual in digital format in a cloud and send the URL link to everyone.

Send your Operation Manual in digital format to the remote pilots and instruct them to save it on their smartphones.

Print out the Operation Manual as many copies as necessary to provide to everyone.

WARNING: Keep everything archived.

If you want to obtain a reliable Operation Manual or convert your current French Operation Manual to a European OM (Operation Manual), we are here for you.

Get your Operation Manual here.

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